I finally made another Vlog!!

The time has finally come! A New Vlog!

This is my longest vlog and hopefully my most entertaining! The whole gang is in town for Spring Break and there are tons of shenanigans for you to enjoy.

At 14 minutes you wont get bored! I focused on keeping the cuts entreating and music fitting! You can really see the personalities of my friends come out in this one!

Give the video a look and let me know what you think!


First Day of classes was very memorable.

At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year at CSU, we were presented with a very memorable first day! In this vlog I try to capture the essence of what it was like view the solar elipse at nearly 95% coverage.

This was the quickest I ever edited a vlog and the turnaround was in one day! I hoped to reach the CSU audience with this once and so far is one of my most viewed vlogs!!




The Summer Vlogs continue

Getting back from my T.V. internship, the summer was winding down and there was one adventure left in the books! My pal Mike invited me up to Fort Collins to drive 4 hours to Hanging Lake near Glenwood Springs. The destination was a highly sought after destination hike and one of  the most satisfying hike I’ve ever been on.

In this vlog, I will take you on along on my journey to the beautiful hanging lake! There are some catchy tunes and good laughs!


This editing process was very lengthy for this one, and took approc 20 hours to piece together. I hope you enjoy this one!

My T.V. Production Internship!

The summer of 2017 was quite the fortunate turn of events. Let me explain, I was home for the summer after my first year away at college and I was focusing primarily on my own videos to keep me occupied over the few months at home. While at the swimming pool with my pal Ryan, I was introduced to Dustin and Donna Hodge, who operated a production company which worked for National Little Britches Rodeo in Guthrie Oklahoma to produce the television show for the “Finals” of the competition. It just happened to be that they were short one intern this summer and I jumped to the opportunity.

This two part video ‘vlog’ series gives you the opportunity to come on this journey with me, as I transform into a cowboy kid and film some good ol’ rodeo! Ye-HAw!

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you havent already!


Have a great day ya’ll



My favorite music festival that I attend annually is the: Vans Warped Tour. This vlog is my most viewed as well as my longest. Sitting at 3.2k views, I really got the attention of the warped goers and alt music variety of kids.

The process of editing this video was focused primarily on the shenanigans of me and my friends as well as incorporating some of my favorite bands! This vlog has no voice over narration just mostly cuts and picture over lays.

This video establishes the character persona of all my friends, and introudces the audience to the way we interact with each other!

Give the vlog a watch and tell me what you think!!

You live and you learn

Vlog #3 is my least favorite of the vlogs that I have made. It was ambitious to try to create a linear story without writing a script and using voice narration to guide the story, but in my opinion the result was cringey. Further this video pushed my compatibility in front of the camera by speaking on behalf of the transition into the next portion of the video. You can see that I utilized some lighting on my face to bring in some more color. This vlog was a lot of fun to edit and originally I had Kasmir by Led Zeppelin as my backing track, but I learned that LZ’s record label does not want anyone using their music and my video was taken down almost immediately. I learned that it’s okay to go back and re edit your video.


On another note, I learned how to embed videos straight to my blog, So no more following a link. ENJOY

The vlogs continue

In my second vlog, I began expanding my narration technique which involved writing a script that I would follow along as related to the visuals on the screen. This vlog took a good 20+ hours to edit, mostly because I was trying to find the right words to say when describing my friends, I didn’t want to say anything that could be taken out of context, and further, I only wanted to make a positive impact when describing them. In this video I also really focused on trying to make quick engaging content, I didn’t want the viewers to get bored so I made various montages that served to reignite the viewers attention throughout the video. As for the story, it is describing the transition of moving from one style of life to another (college to home) and I think the effect is relatable to anyone returning home and reuniting with their friends.


So check out my second vlog


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 1.20.11 PM